Dans L’atelier: Fujiya & Miyagi, Lili Allen, Artforum & Paws

Fujiya & Miyagifujiya-miyagi

For those who love krautrock influenced brit bands, the new Fujiya & Miyagi release, Artificial Sweeteners, came out today. If you dig the harmonizing lull of Hot Chip vocals and the old school synth sounds of YAZ’s Upstairs At Eric’s, this might be the early summer release for you.  Here’s a taste from the new release…

And if that’s not your thing, there’s always Lili Allen’s SHEEZUS out now on iTunes and other online music distributors who rip off artists and continue to screw up the music industry. Her sweet and breathy vocals and bratty lyrics are par for the course, but the beats seem less Mark Ronson and more JayZ which is not good in a music scene that continues to homogenize its sound. I’m sure it’ll get some play deep in cottage country next week for MAY 2-4 while someone chants, ‘Shots! Shots! Shot-shot shots shots!’.

Artforum Summer PreviewIn adult news… My ARTFORUM arrived yesterday. So far so good, it’s only slipped out of my hands twice. Did they spay them with lube? I’ll skip the reviews of the shows I haven’t seen and won’t see in New York, but the world wide summers shows and Ana Lily Amirpour’s Top Ten are worth a peek. Someone recently mused that Artforum is like Playboy. No one gets it for the articles. I might chew through one or two at the lake while others are reading INTouch Magazine. This month has the Who Wore It Better: Prison Jumpsuit Edition. (don’t act like you don’t love it).  If you’ve read the ARTFORUM already, let me know in the comments below if there’s anything worth reading.

Lastly, if you like Paws‘ first album, their follow up, Youth Culture Forever, is pretty good. Apparently they took off to a cabin in the woods to record this. It’s gritty and more raw than anything you’ll find on the Indy Apparent Party mix on Sonza.

And that’s what I’m listening to –dans l’atelier. If you’ve got some great studio tunes you think I might like, leave me a note and I’ll give it a listen.

Happy art making!


Conversations With Winnie: Boring Stuff

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.00.34 PMWinnie: You are doing boring stuff.
Me: No, Winnie. I’m working.
Winnie: boring… stuff…
Me: Well I like doing it.
Winnie: I like chewing stuff and you do not see me doing it all the time.
Me: I am making stuff.
Winnie: So am I.
Me: No Winnie. I paint stuff and you chew on stuff there’s a difference.
Winnie: You have no appreciation for my talents.