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It’s that time of year when we are reminded by every terribly designed shopping flyer that the holidays are ‘right around the corner!’. …thanks, tips.  For me, it is a reminder to take stock of the year, flip through notes and decide what projects can be completed before the new year, what will get pushed into January, and what has been sitting on my workbench collecting dust for far too long.

It’s a hard choice. What do we spend our time creating when we have more ideas than one could execute in ten lifetimes, let alone the brief time we get from cradle to grave? That’s a very personal and important decision. We spend so much time learning, experimenting, and distilling before we decide to put our hands to work. There are so many stages a project goes though that it’s amazing and exciting when one comes to fruition. In the meantime, the studio can become a very messy place in need of some order.

In the spirit of the many creative sparks that come to artists during any given day, I’ve created this ART STUDIO PLAYLIST which is, for the most part, unedited. These are one hundred and thirty songs I have listened to in the last month or so. They’ve grabbed my attention for one reason or another. Like ideas on the wind, there are entirely too many, they are wildly different, and most are new (or new to me), and they’ve landing at my door wanting in. So I let them in and give a listen as I tidy up and begin closing out the year.

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Some big musical stand outs for me are of course the covers of Walk On The Wild Side and Life on Mars. The acoustic version A-ha does of their 90’s hit,Take On Me, really highlights how pretty the song is when slowed down and the instrumentation is rearranged. The YouTube COLORS Channel kept me coming back for more this fall. It’s tag, ‘All Colors, No Genre’ is true to its offerings. New updates weekly. There’s lots of new music from Hoverphonic, Fever Ray and N.E.R.D., and if its not obvious, Parekh & Singh are huge Wes Anderson fans. Their videos are marvelously cinematic. This list finishes with a new track from Yaeji which has been in heavy rotation for the past two weeks.

Feel free to click on the embedded media player above to hear all 130 songs in sequence as I’ve arranged them, or root though the music below to listen to the ones you like.

If you’ve got music you love in the studio or when you are working, please leave a link in the comments.



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