BROKEN MEDIA: What do we do with an ad like this?


I’m a Canadian Left-Wing Gay Atheist Pinko so when I see Conservative Party ads like this on the front page of Canadian newspapers, desperately grasping for votes by warning the masses that voting for any other party ‘will cost you‘, I’ll do what any lefty artist might do. I’ll make art out of it! The questions remains: what to make?


Immediately, Dash Snow comes to mind. It’s easy to have that visceral reaction to his newspaper collages of crooked cops with his ejaculate smeared across them. They were distasteful and they were meant to be. What is perhaps most unsettling is some will find jacking off and calling it art ‘offensive‘. These people trip on what the artist did, and fail to catch onto the opprobrious actions of others to which the artist is reacting –a baseness, dismissed as ‘bad manners’. This is belligerence by those who fancy themselves part of the 1%. Was Snow’s act an empowering one? Was he asserting his dominance and disgust over images of evil doers in the same way the The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo confronts her rapist, ties him up and tattoos his chest? Does every shitty political action have an art-as-activism reaction? I think so.


Maybe abject art is too obvious a response for this lemon letter.¬† Maybe making a delicate paper cut out of Stephen Harper’s face and then setting it on fire would be good.


While I love Risa Fukui’s artwork (and her last name), my time is more valuable than to spend it meticulously making cutouts of douchbags like Stephen Harper.


Viktor Mitic‘s 2013 work, Rob Ford, also comes to mind. This gun shot image of RoFo created some media controversy when he made it. Pointing guns at images of political leaders is sure to attract the wrong kind of attention and I don’t own a gun (nor do I want to) so that’s out.

I’m sure there is a long list of artists who have used (and abused) political newspaper ads and magazine images of political leaders in their art. Feel free to recommend other artists’ work in the comments section below along with any ideas on how I might use this honey-coloured nugget.

On that note, I leave you with inspiration I might draw upon. It is a video by bro-band, FIDLAR, who recently played to a full house at Webster Hall in New York. Of Nick Offerman‘s performance in this video, I have to say, It’s golden

Thank you to Mary Mondoux for hand delivering the ad to me today. If you have any other¬† copies of this ad, I encourage you to create your own ‘artwork’ from it and post a link in the comments below or email me and I will make a series of work from this little piece of piss… yellow… paper.



One thought on “BROKEN MEDIA: What do we do with an ad like this?

  1. as I sit in the rain on the west coast I will think of the yellow news papers as sunbeams all across the country, a ray of hope that tomorrow will dawn a bright new day! Thank you for giving me the chance to have/share this image, now off to buy a newspaper!

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