Capturing A TimeLapse Painting: College Baths Road, UK

I was recently asked to make a painting for someone who would bring it as a gift to London, UK. Since it would be small I figured it wouldn’t take me long so thought I’d take the opportunity to create a timelapse of the work in progress. I used a little piece of freeware called Gawker from I like it because I can set the intervals between frame captures (30 seconds, a minute, etc.) and when it’s done it will generate a little video file I can easily import into any video editing software. I used FinalCutPro, but you can use Adobe Premiere or iMovie or even use the free online creation tools now available on YouTube.

I painted this in one sitting (about 4 hours). The music is from a THE PEEL SESSIONS of a little known defunct band called TWA TOOTS.

VIDEO: My TOP 5 TOOLKIT Suggestions for Neighbourhood Arts Network

Back when I was the Social Media Director at Akimbo, my good friends at Neighbourhood Arts Network asked me to participate in a night at the Gladstone Hotel, talking to young artists about best practices for self promotion using social media. While we were there they asked me to jump in front of the camera and offer my top five tips for using social media. Here’s what I said:
I look at everything as a potential learning experience so here’s what I learned from participating in this event:

1) It is harder than I thought to sound smart on camera –especially in one take.
‘ Ummm…”
2) There were a lot of people who needed the information I knew.
3) I love teaching people new things.


Video: Genius Loci Interview for Art Gallery of Mississauga

I was asked to talk about my work for ‘Genius Loci’ exhibition that opens this week at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Here’s what I had to say…



Cherry Smacker  48×72, Acrylic on canvas, 2011

Cherry Smacker was a commission by a client in Toronto. It was based on the candy pallet which has been the source of many paintings. I also used colours found in Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

The painting took a few weeks to complete. I took several process shots while working on it and put them together to create a sort of time lapse document . The music is by Architecture Helsinki.