DANS L’ATELIER: WEEK 43 Downtown + High Park

So here’s what’s happening in the studio this week…

I’m working on concurrent paintings for different clients. Similar palettes with slightly different over paintings and top colours. Similar, but different.

downtown and high park web

Downtown (right) is a little more grey and High Park (left) is a little more earthy. Both are 24×24 inches on canvas.  I’m getting to that fun stage where I get to light up the sky with colours so we’ll see how these go. I should be finished up early next week.

As if I haven’t done enough paintings of Toronto, TORONTO FOUR is going to be fun. It is only 18×36 so it should be quick and I get to use a colour palette I’ve used before…

KOI    COI 1
KOI was painted in 2010 so it’ll be nice to revisit the colour palette again.  Something I like about KOI is, while abstract, it is designed to look at from a distance. By squinting, you can see what look like koi fish swimming in a pond as seen from above.

Picadilly and Covent Garden
The long rectangular format and a conversation I had with a client inspired me to start another work. PICCADILLY + COVENT GARDEN measures 24×60 and covers both areas of London. You can see the Thames  and Waterloo Bridge in the lover right corner. It could be available as early as December.

flag2FLAG has been knocking about since August and should be finished up soon. There’s been a lot of planning in this piece commissioned by someone who has collected my work for a decade. It will effectively look like a giant paint by number of a pride flag reflected in water. You can see the outlines of the shapes so far.

CastroMuppets Lastly, I am happy to share, after many years in the works, CASTRO STREET MUPPETS will be completed for December 1st of this year. It (and the idea behind it) has followed me around three studios over five years. If you look in the top right corner, you can see two densely packed neighbourhoods which are the only two complete, but already you can see the likes of Piggy, Kermit, Janis, Scooter, Gonzo, Ernie, Bert, Rizzo, Pepe, Fozzie, Staler & Waldorf, The Count, Rolph, The Snowths, and the list goes on. After much research, there will be over 60 Muppets included in this painting. If you would like to know more about the Muppets’ history and characters, there is a fantastic Muppet Wiki online.   Prints of CASTRO STREET MUPPETS will be available in time for the holidays. The original is for a solo exhibition planned for next September.

If you were to play WIN, LOSE, OR DRAW, which two artists would you like to have on your team?
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