How effectively present a product in the online store?

3 July 2019

In contrast to the customers of stationery stores, online shoppers are much less likely to be guided by emotions when placing an order. They pay much more attention to details such as technical parameters, delivery conditions, and price. Due to the fact that they can not touch the product, its whole presentation is also particularly important. What should be included in it?

Product card – what should it be in it?

What will attract the customer to click on the product card is a photo and a brief introductory description. The description on the main page (or store category) should contain only basic information about a given product, e.g. its name, so you should focus on the picture first. Good quality, aesthetic, transparent, “clickable”. The idea is that the customer would be interested in the product and would like to buy it. What happens next?

Product description

Turning now to an individual product card, the customer should be able to get a more detailed understanding of the product he is interested in. So let us post here more photos, which will be seen in higher resolution and zoomed. A good idea – if possible – is also to put a short video in the product card. Thanks to this, the conversion rate will definitely increase, and customers will be better aware of what they are buying.

In addition to the graphics that will allow the customer to better familiarize with the product, a description of the product is also necessary. It will not only be the main source of products detail specification of the article, but it can also indicate its use.

A good product descriptions are unique. Avoid copying information from the Internet – it will not be beneficial for the position of your website in the search engine.

How to create a product description?

People love stories, so if you have such an opportunity, present it in a short description. If you are producers of the product, it will be much easier for you. Describe the process of its creation and what was your goal while working on it. However, if you are a distributor of the product, write about your partners and their product in an attractive way, as well as own experience related to a given items.

Encourage your clients to buy a product by creating an unique and valuable descriptions.

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