How to set up an online store?

29 July 2019

Setting up an online store at first glance seems as complicated as setting up a traditional stationery store. Fortunately, there have been created online platforms such as, it’s user-friendly so everyone will be able to deal with it. So how to start?

Selection of products and business

Each store – regardless of whether it is online or traditional – must-have products to sell. So before we start our store – let’s think about how we fill it and whether we will be able to offer our customers reasonable prices. If not – do not resign from creating a store, consider changing the industry or supplier. Remember an attractive offer is a key to a successful business.

Once we have mastered the subject of goods and established a business, we can finally trade. At this point, we will have to set up our online store. We have several options here, but if you do not have experience in technology, the best and safest choice will be an online subscription store.

Choosing an online store based on a subscription model such as gives wide integration possibilities. When choosing an online store for a subscription, such as Oferer, your store will be very simple and fast, you won’t be burdened with large costs of design or customization.

Store in a subscription model – what it’s all about?

An online store is created most often on one of the popular open sources. Due to the need to implement it and adapt to the customer’s needs, it costs a lot of money and a lot of work. The other issue is time – a few weeks or even months can pass to launch it. That’s why it’s worth to determine at the very beginning what is needed to start an effective business – and without experience in e-commerce, it may turn out that in a few months you will have to work on creating online store again.

An alternative is to use the platform that allows you to open the store in the subscription model. In this case, the cost is much lower. In such a store, you can easily customize the graphics template and configure it according to our needs. After a few hours of configuration, you can start selling. The ready store provides us with all the mechanisms you will need to run it. Automatically generated reports allow for easy adjustment of sales, integration modules with clients will facilitate the building of ties and store marketing. Ready online store for subscription will give you everything you need to increase your chance of success. Try a 14-days trial period of platform and check yourself.

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