The Poetry of Being There


Have you ever tried to describe a place and fumble for the words to capture its essence? I have. I’ve also visited art exhibitions, but couldn’t possibly describe it without missing details. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I think a panoramic view might be worth ten thousand. While we can’t replace to poetry of being there, we can sometimes use technology in ways to get close.

I’ve been capturing interactive 360 views of exhibitions and places I love since 2011. Below you will find some of my favourites. There are a lot more to come, so watch for Poetry of Being There posts on my blog.

To use:
Place your cursor over the image, pan left or right while you click+holding down your mouse key or track pad. For an even better effect, open these files on an iPad or iPhone. Select the link to the Occipital 360 Panorama file and activate the gyroscope icon that appears on your device (the little spherical icon at the bottom of your screen). Move your device around and you will be transported to the view of exactly where I was standing at the time of capture.


Stan Douglas @ Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto  |  April 2014


GrowOp @ The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto  |  April 2014


ArtBattle 100 @ The Great Hall, Toronto  |  February, 2014
*If you haven’t been to one, you are missing out on a unique experience.
Artbattle Canada

Opening of Remembering Jeannie Thib @ Katzman Contemporary, Toronto  |  February  2014


Robert Burley @ Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto  |  January 2014


The Distillery District, Toronto  |  November 2013


Forty Part Motet, Cardiff +Miller Exhibition @ AGO, Toronto  |  April 2013


Scott Everingham’s Studio, Toronto  |  April 2013


Sara Angelucci @ AGYU, Toronto  |  April 2013



A note about copywrite: Feel free to share links to these files, but remember this is my original content, so please be respectful. If you see an exhibitions of yours, I am happy to share the file with you for your website and can help you set it up for yourself. If you would like content that depicts your work to be removed, please send me a note.

Lastly, if you would like me to visit your exhibition, gallery, or studio to capture it for posterity, get in touch with me through one of my social media links on the home page or send me an email.